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Publishers can “create richer, better content for their audience” with Question Hub, says Google

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15% of Google searches done by users on a daily basis have never been seen before. Consequently, the world’s leading search engine doesn’t have answers to many of the questions asked on its platform, and has launched the Question Hub for publishers, so that they can help fill in the gaps.

“With Question Hub, users can let us know when they haven’t been able to find the content they are searching for. We collect all these unanswered questions,” explained Shekhar Sharad, Senior Product Manager at Google, and “provide those questions to publishers, so they can use these insights to create richer, better content for their audience. 

This benefits the publishers who can identify content gaps online, and everyone searching for content on the web.”

“Create richer content by leveraging unanswered questions”

Question Hub, Google explains, is a tool that enables creators to create richer content by leveraging unanswered questions. It collects various unanswered user questions and surfaces them to bloggers, writers, and content creators, so they can:

  • Explore topics publishers are interested in
  • Use relevant user questions to create more comprehensive content for their audience
  • Track the impact of the content created using Question Hub

A beta version of the Question Hub was launched this month after several months of testing with journalists and bloggers, said the search giant, so the company can “continue to grow the product in collaboration with a broader group of publishers.” 

Question Hub is currently available in India, Indonesia, and Nigeria (in English, Hindi and Bahasa) and it’s expected to be introduced in other countries and languages in the future. 

An animation by Google showing how Question Hub works

“This tool will prove a boon”

To access Question Hub, publishers need to link their account to verified properties in Search Console. For publishers without a Search Console account, other options are available

Within the Question Hub, they can explore topics relevant to their work by either searching for keywords or browsing categories. Once a topic is added, they can view unanswered questions asked by real people. 

Publishers can then use their editorial judgment to review unanswered questions, and expand on them when creating content. 

For instance, an unanswered question may illustrate a larger need for content on a certain topic. Publishers can leverage these questions to create more impactful content for their audience. 

Question Hub is a great tool to help come up with new ideas for what to write about, that meet the needs of my readers. This tool will prove a boon.

Keshav Gupta, Indian publisher

Publishers can sign up for the Question Hub by clicking here, or learn more about how to get started