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Austin Evans, CEO of Overclock Media: Resilience and innovation are key for content creators turned publishers

Austin Evans, 29, is a technology YouTube content creator with over 5.4 million subs and north of 1Bn views. He now oversees a successful media company – Overclock Media, based out of Los Angeles – that focuses on irreverent tech content including PC builds, product reviews, gaming and competitions. His advice? Consistency, resilience and continued […]

“A direct connection with our audience”: Why publishers are doubling down on Telegram

What do the BBC, Corriere della Sera, El Diario, NYT, Guardian and FT have in common? They all publish on Telegram. But for media in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, Telegram is more than just another channel, it’s a vital lifeline to their audience. Anton Protsiuk, Senior Editor at The Fix Media in Ukraine, […]

“We’re NOT collecting more data”: How Gumtree is using first party data to replace cookies

In a post-cookie era, publishers are effectively adapting to maximise the potential of data through enhanced analytics. Surprisingly, the one thing they don’t need is more data, argues Gumtree’s Head of Ad Ops, Victoria Trevillion. A recent report by marketing data company Wiland, surveying 193 publishers, agencies and brands, found companies are increasingly leaning on […]


Dan Pacheco: A toolkit for assessing and making decisions on emerging technologies

Dan Pacheco is the Peter A. Horvitz Chair of Journalism Innovation at the Newhouse School at Syracuse University and author of the upcoming book, Experimenting With Emerging Media Platforms: Field Testing the Future. Speaking at FIPP World Media Congress 2023, Pacheco doubled down on the need for media companies to experiment, keep on experimenting, and then…..experiment some more. […]

Nikkei BP: “There will be a split between media companies that view AI as a partner, and those that do not”

As part of our forthcoming report on Talent and Culture, with a special emphasis on the impact of AI, Nikkei Business Publications’ Yasuo Metsugi and Yuko Tanaka explain how the successful media company of the future will be one that views AI as a colleague and partner, not a threat. Crucially, human creativity will become […]

Charlie Beckett on how editorial teams are adjusting to AI: “It’s going to be all about adding human value”

With News Corp Australia producing a mind bending 3,000 articles a week using generative AI – using just a team of four – the question now is what is the real role of editorial teams? In a wide ranging interview, the doyen of AI, Professor Charlie Beckett, tells us that media companies will soon think […]


Is there a future for Artificial Journalism?

As part of Mx3’s Collectif, in which we feature the work of our partners (see more here), Joris van Lierop of The Content Exchange outlines how the fundamental tenets of great journalism are as strong as ever. AI will not lead to the creation of great original stories, just better amplify the stories that have already been told……and original creators need […]

NASA’s Mars rovers could inspire a more ethical future for AI

Janet Vertesi’s research with robotic spacecraft teams at NASA has shown that when companies reject the replacement myth and opt for building human-robot teams instead, many of the ethical issues surrounding AI vanish. TL;DR: It’s not about ‘replacement’, it’s about augmenting your existing team. Since ChatGPT’s release in late 2022, many news outlets have reported on the […]

What happens when social media gets old?

Charles Benaiah is the publisher of unCharles, a nugget of Substack gold. In this feature, specially syndicated for Mx3’s Collectif, he argues that media’s biggest story over the last ten months has been Twitter/Elon/X/people dunking on him. Musk’s gained followers, lost users, p*ssed away value, annoyed advertisers, and hired a legit CEO to bring everything back. But […]

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First two speakers for Mx3 AI confirmed

We are now starting to confirm speakers for Mx3 AI, which takes place in London on 7 December. Our first two confirmed speakers are: Mx3 AI is an event/meetup collaboration between Media Makers Meet – Mx3 and Media Voices. It is an opportunity for select industry decision-makers to come together, discuss the latest AI developments and […]

Shall we meet up in London?

Join us for Mx3 AI and informal festive drinks on 7th December in London. Media Makers Meet – Mx3 and Media Voices are joining forces to present Mx3 AI, an opportunity for select industry decision-makers to come together, discuss the latest AI developments and see out 2023 with us. It takes place on 7th December 2023 at Colours […]

Picture yourself in Barcelona (but be quick!)

Picture yourself stepping into a world of specialist media innovation. Envision a room with mavericks driving the future of media verticals. Imagine a space where curiosity is the currency and knowledge flows freely, untethered by on-the-record constraints. Picture yourself leaning in to ask burning questions and receiving unfiltered, candid answers. Envision informal conversations where serendipitous […]

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How publishers can overcome potential culture clashes: Insights from HBM Advisory

As part of our Collectif, in which we feature the work of our partners (see more here), the team from HBM Advisory looks at how UK publishers are targeting the US and offer some advice on how to overcome potential culture clashes. British musicians have always struggled to “break” America. For some reason, the songs, lyrics and images […]

AI Report: “Any media company banking on legal intervention to protect copyright might be disappointed”

In this excerpt from our latest report entitled “How Technology Especially AI & Web 3.0 Will Shape The Future of Media“, key presenters at FIPP Congress 2023 share their views on AI and Web 3.0. A key takeaway is that publishers hoping to protect their copyright and intellectual property might be disappointed. Here’s why… One […]

Content-to-Commerce: New strategies for driving affiliate revenues

“The type of content that works best…” Attended by more than 400 delegates from 43 countries, the FIPP World Media Congress in the Portuguese town of Cascais kicked off with a look at the innovation that’s happening in the face of severe disruption. Congress 2023 brought together people from a cross-section of media and technology […]