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YouTube’s podcasting problem (and how to solve it): The Media Roundup

What YouTube’s official entry into podcasting means for the industry

YouTube is the sleeping giant of the podcasting world – but it’s stirring. As Simon Owens explains, the video platform is finally dedicating real resources to growing its podcast offerings. The video podcast format is growing in popularity, but research demonstrates the medium itself remains a secondary activity. So the question is, how can YouTube square that circle?

Owens says: “Well, currently background listening isn’t even allowed within the YouTube mobile app, at least for users who don’t subscribe to YouTube Premium. It’s going to be difficult for it to launch an audio advertising product under those conditions. But it probably will open up its app to free background listening soon. It’s already done so in Canada.”

Speaking of YouTube and podcasts, I can really recommend this article on the Guardian which takes a look at some case studies of individuals making the most of the format. (I personally enjoy watching the Castle Superbeast podcast get recorded live on Twitch, but don’t take that as a recommendation unless you like hours-long rants about old horror games).

Live sports may be the ticket to growing streaming audiences

In my latest article for DCN I take a look at how tech platforms are changing how media companies interact with live sports. The rise of social media and streaming platforms has changed the game, as their inherent interactivity enhances the appeal of live sport. 

Vogue editor Edward Enninful: ‘Impostor syndrome is what drives me’

Magazine brands are inherently intertwined with their editors, so it’s fascinating to hear from Enninful here. He says fashion has to be fun, but it can also bring about change. For the Guardian, he talks about how being gay, Black and an immigrant guide his vision.

Preview: The Publisher Podcast Summit 2022

In this teaser episode, we discuss our plans for the day, and which sessions we’re most looking forward to. The Publisher Podcast Summit is designed for publishers of all shapes and sizes, whether you’re contemplating launching your first podcast, or have a whole stable and want to know how to take your strategy to the next level. 

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