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What publishers can expect in 2022: Adverity

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From a third lockdown, to postponed sporting events and the threat of one more canceled Christmas, 2021 was another rollercoaster year. As a result, customer-centric businesses will be looking to get the wheels of their marcomms “new year’s resolutions” in motion as 2022 promises to be another bumper year of twists and turns. But it’s far from all doom and gloom. Adverity predicts that personalization and the motivation to keep pace with ever-changing customer preferences are likely to be focal points. It is against this backdrop that the burden of manual data wrangling will become something that publishers are increasingly keen to leave behind in 2021. 

As always, understanding data will be crucial for success and publishers now, more than ever, need to know how to get insights and analytics from their data in order to make it work really hard for them and for it to add crucial business value. Looking to the year ahead, opportunity knocks for publishers looking to reverse the misfortunes of the pandemic with an approach that maximizes revenue-making opportunities. 

To deliver on this goal, publishers will need to glean better data insights from their work. Without this, they cannot fuel effective decision-making at each stage in their customer interactions, from managing subscriptions to running a website behind a paywall and beyond. Thankfully, with the right tools, there’s potential for significant growth and development across the industry as creatives look to become more data-savvy.

As we look ahead to 2022 here are some of the big martech trends that will no doubt be on publishers’ radar.

The importance of first-party data grows

We will see increased importance on first-party analytics data – amid a perfect storm of COVID and cookies. Third-party cookies depreciation signals the overall reduction in the amount of data available to build relevant data-driven campaign strategies. In combination with ePrivacy laws, consumer adoption of privacy tools, changes in mobile ad ID usage, the trend is indicative of the need to go back to the basics of customer-centric marketing. To maintain the effectiveness, relevance, and resonance of what is being published going forward, we must adapt practices around transparency and choice, and demonstrate inherent value from every interaction.

Personalisation takes priority

Personalization and audience building will become the biggest 2022 priority. It will be crucial to be able to identify how data can connect across the platforms amid drastically changing consumer behaviors as cookies are going away. Reviewing the AdTech eco-system and putting a greater focus on campaign reporting will help ensure we can truly understand audiences and how what’s been published is performing. According to Adverity’s latest research, businesses that see themselves as very strong at campaign reporting are on average 3 times as likely to be very strong at personalized content or audience building. 

Technology saves 6 months of wasted time

Manual data wrangling will become a greater problem in 2022, as the number of data rows increases, with automated data integration becoming the top priority. Currently, 42% of marketing data analysts cite manual data wrangling as a significant challenge rising to 51% of CTOs / CDOs. Adverity estimates that businesses can save close to a half of a single person’s working time (80 hours a month or 6 months out of every year) when they move away from manual data wrangling to automated smart data integration and campaign reporting. That alone means companies can make a conscious choice to improve the work-life balance, reduce the risk of burnout and improve productivity when it comes to their teams. 

Predictive modelling becomes a focal point

Throughout 2022, predictive analytics will come more to the fore than ever before. The latest research shows that almost two-thirds of marketing teams are planning to implement predictive modelling next year, allowing them to foretell future performance, eliminate anomalies and improve campaign ROI. Publishers adopting this could also see increased ROI on what’s published with a better expectation of audience behavior. However, any predictions are only as good as the data they are based on. It will do well to ensure that data is fully accurate, automated, and integrated. 

Data-savvy creatives emerge

The structure of teams will change driven by data-savvy creatives. Adverity expects to see much more demand for data-savvy creative and operations roles as departments re-focus on data-driven customer-first campaign strategies. 

As campaign budgets get allocated and targets confirmed, we must equip ourselves with the best tools for 2022 to live up to its full potential. Creativity and impactful campaigns require focus, agility, attention to detail – leaving no time to waste on manual data manipulation that won’t help spot and react to timely or emerging trends. It certainly won’t help publishers in getting their data to work hard for them and for it to add crucial business value. Timely and accurate data is the key to meaningful and engaging work in 2022.  

The new Adverity research is available in full here:

Harriet Durnford-Smith

CMO, Adverity

Adverity is a leading intelligent data and analytics platform that enables businesses to make insights-driven decisions, faster and easier. Used by marketing, sales and eCommerce teams around the world, Adverity transforms siloed data into actionable insight, reducing the complexity in demonstrating marketing effectiveness and return on investment across multiple channels.

By automating data integration from hundreds of sources and working seamlessly with your existing tech stack, Adverity’s flexible end-to-end platform delivers a single view of marketing and sales performance across your entire business. The platform’s powerful data visualizations and proactive analytics reveals tangible insights and uncovers real-time opportunities for improving performance and driving growth. Adverity is headquartered in Vienna, with offices in London and New York.