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We need to talk about podcast listener numbers: The Media Roundup

We need to talk about podcast listener numbers

Yesterday, Bloomberg revealed that podcast companies are buying short podcast plays within mobile game apps, causing ‘official’ downloads of shows to be registered. These 6 million BS listens and the constant pressure for podcasts to get squillions of listeners has properly got me narked, so I’ve gone on a rant about it.

Do you know what the average number of listens for a podcast is in the first week of release? 29. Sure, there are a fair few podcasts from people whose only listeners are their mum and publishers should have higher expectations. But how do you gauge how well your podcast is doing when no one will be upfront about their audio audiences?

In this piece, I set out some benchmarking approaches for publishers. It varies hugely by brand, but there are a couple of fairly solid ways I’ve found give some targets for organisations I’ve worked with. Most importantly though, podcasting is high-engagement media. Small audiences still add up in terms of valuable time spent with your brand.

Google Chrome’s “heavy ad” intervention: What publishers need to know

This helpful FAQ defines what is a “heavy ad” and everything a publisher needs to know to make sure heavy ads aren’t negatively impacting ad impressions and revenues.

The Tab paid off parent company Digitalbox’s buyout cost in 18 months

I can remember The Tab (short for ‘Cantab’ and ‘Tabloid’) in its early days at uni being basically The Sun of student life, so it’s really strange to see it now as a proper, grown-up media organisation. Company Chief Exec James Carter attributes its success to “being lean, keen, and able to be very granular about what we’re doing.”

The gender gap in media is still wider than you think

Between 1995 to 2020, across 120 nations, the number of female news sources and subjects increased from 16% to 24% in newspapers, 15% to 24% in radio news, 21% to 26% in TV news, and 25% to 27% online. Let’s not forget there’s still a long way to go.

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