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UK AOP launches Publishing Tech Talk event focusing on best-in-class publisher tools

The Association of Online Publishers (AOP), together with Google and Xandr, have launched an initiative to help publishers learn about new tech solutions, with an agenda set by AOP’s publisher advisory board.

Taking place over four days in October, Publishing Tech Talk will only focus on the tools and tech designed specifically to support publishers, offering a mix of live webinars, podcasts, roundtables, and articles. Publishers will have access to industry experts, case studies, and shared learnings which the AOP hopes will help “equip them with the knowledge they need to structure their tech stack for success”.

Content will be free for all publishers and an in-person social event will take place on Thursday 14th October from 5pm to 7pm at Balcony Bar at Ruby Blue, Leicester Square, London.


  • Monday 11th October: It’s all about your data. The tools publishers need to effectively capture, manage, and monetise their first-party data to produce growth.
  • Tuesday 12th October: Winning in the advertising marketplace. How to use tech solutions to solve brand safety challenges in an advertiser funded environment, exploring how publishers can increase their yields for premium content.
  • Wednesday 13th October: Diversifying and building reader revenues. How to deliver flexible and engaging subscriber and membership offers, drive e-commerce, build lead gen revenues, and create business data products and events.
  • Thursday 14th October: Putting the customer first: creating the best user experience. How to use tech solutions to improve the customer experience at every stage around content, advertising, paywalls, subscriptions, and ecommerce.

We’re pleased to provide a focused event to help make sense of new publisher-focused tech solutions, while continuing to shine a spotlight on the most challenging issues faced by the industry. Through sharing learnings, expertise, and advice, we aim to provide practical solutions to help publishers improve their offer, diversify, and drive revenue

Richard Reeves, Managing Director, AOP

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