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Twitter unveils plan to help publishers earn more revenue, through “embedded timelines”

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Twitter has been testing out a new program with a select group of publishers, that helps them make money from embedded Twitter timelines (streams of tweets) on their own website properties.

Earlier this year, Twitter asked publishers to sign up for a program called Twitter Timeline Ads, promising media companies the ability to “generate revenue for your site” and “earn revenue from your Twitter Timeline.” At the time, all it said about the program was this:

The Twitter Timeline Program is the first ad program that allows publishers to offer real-time content to their audiences and drive incremental revenue with targeted ads. Twitter will automatically serve ads into Timeline embeds for domains who have opted into the program making it easy for publishers to earn money.

Essentially, the company would be serving ads within the Twitter Timelines that publishers embed into their websites.

Twitter has now provided more details about the program, including answers to commonly asked questions. Here’s how, according to Twitter, the Timeline Ads Program works, to help publishers grow their site revenue:

This program provides a way for publishers to earn money from their Twitter Timeline embeds. Twitter will automatically serve ads into existing Timeline embeds for domains which have been accepted into the program.

The ads are created and paid for by advertisers who want to promote their products. By opting into the Twitter Timeline Ads Program, you can show your audience relevant and engaging ads inside high quality, real-time content.

Publishers can visit the Introducing the Twitter Timeline Ads Program page for specific details about the program. Here’s a synopsis of how the system will work:

  • Twitter will automatically serve ads into existing Timeline embeds for domains who have opted into and have been accepted into the program.
  • Ads will appear between the 1st and 2nd tweets, the 7th and 8th tweets, the 13th and 14th tweets, and the 19th and 20th tweets in a Timeline embed.
  • Publishers get a cut of revenue when ads are displayed into Twitter Timeline embeds for domains who have opted into the program. 

Twitter’s new initiative, like Google’s Display Network and Facebook’s Audience Network, will serve ads using automated software outside of its own platform, with ad units on various participating publishers’ websites.

It comes at a time when industry sentiment towards Twitter has generally been on an upward tick. Most of Twitter’s current revenue revolves around promoting posts within its own properties, and the company says over 50% of its revenue now comes from video. Company turnover has increased 24% YoY, with daily active users increasing 11% YoY, marking the seventh quarter in a row of double-digit growth.

Given this positive forward momentum for Twitter,  the Timeline Ads Program may be another strong alternative for publishers looking to expand and diversify revenue streams.

Publishers can apply to be in the Timeline Ads Program via this link, and can submit multiple sites at the same time. NB: Twitter is only accepting U.S. publishers at this time for the program.