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Twitter is the most popular platform to follow publishers on: The Media Roundup

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For publishers, Twitter still dominates on social

While some are finding quick success on TikTok, it yields fewer overall followers for publishers than other platforms. I’ll start with the obvious caveat that this is a chicken-and-egg situation. LinkedIn and TikTok haven’t had much publisher focus for various reasons, so it’s no surprise follower counts are low.

Success varies dramatically by publisher type. Most of the top publishers on LinkedIn are business and finance outlets, while the TV-first news brands do well on YouTube and Facebook. National Geographic has got the largest social following, but then who doesn’t love pictures of penguins?

I was surprised at the extent to which Twitter dominates. Despite its reputation as being just for journalists and media types, it’s clearly still a top destination for breaking news. Let’s not forget, it was on Twitter that @RoyalFamily first broke the news of the Queen’s death last week, ahead of even the BBC.

Print vs online: New polling shows magazine readers still prefer print

Unsurprisingly, people of almost all ages prefer to read news content online. But even among the youngest adults, 39% prefer to read magazine content in print, with just a third preferring it online.

3 media companies share 3 paths to building data teams

There is more than one path to creating a data team within a news media company: The Blitz, parallel paths and a merge, and the organic build-out. Ariane Bernard sets out three case studies of publishers using these approaches, and how the organisations re-envisioned how to use data as a result.

Agency boss: UK newspaper freelance rates so low my daughter can earn more babysitting

The strike action a fortnight ago by Reach journalists highlighted the shocking pay rates for staff working on local news titles in the UK, despite the publisher posting healthy profits. Here, Jon Harris warns that the industry will suffer if freelance rates aren’t urgently reviewed too. Some brutal analysis here which really highlights how poor freelance pay has become.

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