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The Publisher’s Guide to eCommerce: Report Download

What’s New in Publishing is proud to present The Publisher’s Guide to eCommerce, a special insight report sponsored by Sovrn and written by regular WNIP contributor and University of Oregon ProfessorDamian Radcliffe.  

Selling products related to publisher activities is nothing new. But over recent years, the breadth, range, and scope of eCommerce opportunities available to publishers has expanded greatly.

This report looks in-depth at those publishers harnessing eCommerce to great effect, including BuzzFeed, POPSUGAR, Marie Claire UK, Dennis Publishing, Future Publishing, Culture Trip, Associated Media Publishing, and more.

It is an essential read for publishers looking for an overview of the myriad of eCommerce revenue opportunities available, and more importantly what those publishers are doing to succeed.

  — Download the report here  —

Containing a wealth of case studies, The Publisher’s Guide to eCommerce identifies 10 key strategic lessons for publishers large and small alike. These include the importance of adapting internal culture; the need for different skill sets; the importance of partnerships; and, as some publishers have found to their cost, knowing when to walk away.

The report also comes with a comprehensive appendix that links to stories featuring case studies and examples of all the eCommerce strategies covered.

In short, it is an indispensable resource for publishers looking to branch out into eCommerce to take advantage of the revenue opportunities it affords.

  — Download the report here  —