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The Must-Read Publishing Stories You May Have Missed June 21st 2019

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65% of publishers see Snapchat as a ‘significant’ revenue driver, a blank newspaper wins the Publishing Grand Prix at Cannes, and more

Snapchat emerges as an unexpected driver of publisher revenue

Yes, you read that correctly! Snapchat, the app which first became famous for sending disappearing photos, has emerged as the top social network for driving publisher revenues. A survey of publishing executives revealed that 65% of publishers consider Snapchat to be a significant money-maker.

What’s also interesting about this survey is how far behind more well-known platforms like Facebook and YouTube are lagging, with 49% and 54% respectively. This may be because there’s less competition in Snapchat’s ‘Discover’ section, which houses interactive articles from publishers.

Following a rocky few years, Snapchat seems to have found its feet again, with app installs doubling in May to 41.5 million following the release of gender swap and baby filters. For those looking to seriously invest in reaching a younger audience, Snapchat seems to be the place to be, for now.


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Snapchat is a significant revenue driver for 65% of publishers, study finds

67% of publishers consider Google (AMP) to be significant in driving revenue for their companies, according to a recent survey. Surprisingly, it’s followed closely by Snapchat with 65% of the vote. Over half of the respondents in the study said they earned a profit by posting content to Snapchat.

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