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The best thing to do is to talk to your audience: The Media Roundup

Start-up targeting Millennial women opted out of traditional data metrics

The groundbreaking takeaway from this piece is that you need to actually talk to your targeted demographic. That may seem obvious, but the hidden point here is that existing data may not actually tell the whole story.

Ana Bakalinova, head of product at 4-month-old brand Eliza, an online start-up under the Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT) said in a recent talk that they were expected to rely on the data and stats collected by the group’s overall analytics team. But she believed analytics and surveys didn’t truly reveal what Millennial women desired in their fashion choices, so they went out and actually spoke to them instead.

They discovered that women were annoyed with Instagram and Amazon because everyone was dressed the same, and products didn’t resemble what actually arrived at the door in terms of quality. It’s early days for the brand but this story serves as an important reminder that data and analytics can sometimes reinforce existing issues and frustrations among audiences.

The Kyiv Independent: it’s all about freedom

As the Kyiv Independent celebrates its first birthday, this is a great and inspiring overview of its journey since the Kyiv Post’s closure, and how a quick spin-up meant they could outpace competitors. Interestingly, Patreon is a dominant source of income for the publisher, with over 8,000 supporters paying £64,000 a month.

Informa posts recession-busting profit update thanks to return of events

Business information and events business Informa has posted a recession-busting trading update reporting underlying revenue growth of 41% in the year so far. The performance is being fuelled by a bounce back in events and B2B information, especially in the US where Informa has brands covering pharmaceuticals, cybersecurity, private capital and healthcare.

Meta’s layoffs make it official: Facebook is ready to part ways with the news

We spent a fair portion of this week’s episode discussing Meta’s journey this year and its relationship with the news business. Following the layoffs last week, this is a comprehensive overview from Nieman Lab of what has definitely changed, and some speculation over the future of Meta’s Journalism Project.

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