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Report: Publishers’ social media engagement lags behind most industries

Socialinsider, a social media intelligence platform, has just released its 2020 social media benchmarks report across 35 industries, including publishers (categorized as media houses and magazines/journals). For its report, the company analyzed more than 22M social posts across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and over 56,000 business accounts.

The company found that publishers significantly lagged behind many sectors in terms of social media user engagement, with Facebook singled out as a particularly poor performer, ranking at half that of the benchmark average. Twitter was the only social media platform where publishers, specifically media houses, performed acceptably when set against the industry average.

Average engagement rates across all industries, per platform, were:

  • Facebook: 0.26%
  • Twitter: 0.06%
  • Instagram: 1.16%

By comparison, for the publishing industry, engagement rates were as follows:

Magazines – Journals

  • Facebook: 0.09%
  • Twitter: 0.01%
  • Instagram: 0.97%

Media House

  • Facebook: 0.12%
  • Twitter: 0.06%
  • Instagram: 0.91%

A spokesperson from Socialinsider told WNIP that publishers “place too many links on social media, especially Facebook, while photos or carousels bring far more engagement across all platforms. We recommend publishers switch to image and video posts especially on Facebook.

“On Instagram, publishers seem to stick to the typical single image post, although what draws the user’s attention more and more is the carousel option, especially if there is a mix between images and videos.”

Other chief findings, across all industries, include:

  • In 2020, brands chose to post 36% more content on Twitter compared with Instagram and Facebook.
  • Brand engagement rates on Facebook have remained fairly low, overall in 2020 – 0.26%. 
  • The average engagement rate for Instagram increased in 2020 from 1.08% in 2019 to 1.16% in 2020.
  • Politics, education, and airline brands have the most successful Instagram profiles, with the highest average engagement rates out of all industries.

A full range of statistics, graphs and data points can be found here.