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Podcast Trends Report 2022: The Media Roundup

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Pink News lets readers filter out negativity amid news avoidance fears

This is fun! A genuine attempt from a publisher to ameliorate the impact of news avoidance, by allowing users to pick whether and when they see negative news stories. We love solutions journalism here at MV, but we also love experimentation and original ways to solve problems like news avoidance.

“Chief product officer Sarah Watson told Press Gazette: “It was to enable people just [to] have that option not to necessarily filter out bad news completely, but it’s being able to take that break when you need it.” Watson said that around 25% of people in a recent reader survey said they were interested in just being able to read uplifting news as they come to the site specifically to read positive stories.”

There’s a big debate to be had about the extent to which we should disconnect with news, even when it’s painful. But you’d have to be a real sadist to suggest that the public shouldn’t be able to check out every now and then. Experiments like this will have a beneficial impact on the relationship between that public and the publishers that serve them.

2022 podcast trends report

This is very promo for Megaphone – but nevertheless there are still some good insights in here for publishers. The one that leapt out at me is the first, that podcast listenership in Southern Europe skyrocketed this year. Get translating your podcasts, publishers.

Digital Director at Rolling Stone UK & Attitude Magazine Charlotte Cijffers on nurturing audiences online

In this podcast from May, Charlotte Cijffers, Digital Director at Rolling Stone UK & Attitude Magazine for Stream Publishing tells us about launching the iconic Rolling Stone title in the UK, her work on Attitude’s digital transformation, and the benefits of developing more localised content for magazines.

Hybrid workplace, newsletters and multiplatform approach: what does recent research say about the media environment? 

In this instalment of The Fix’s trends reports, it takes a look at how news publishers adapt their content to different social platforms, how newsrooms are adjusting to hybrid work after almost three years of Covid-19, and how Substack affects journalistic careers. Good read.

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