Glide is a content management platform for publishers and media companies with high output of content which allows them to focus on creating more and better content, and on increasing revenues.

Glide hands you world-leading content management tools as a SaaS underpinned by the power of AWS, so you never need to spend time or resource on converting generic CMS into something usable for making content at scale. Glide frees up all your CMS development resource to do better things.

Glide comes ready for the newsroom and making high-quality content, and is a time-saving springboard for developers and product teams who now don’t have to reinvent the CMS wheel yet again just to get going with a business idea.

World-class publishers use Glide and benefit from new features and capabilities being fed to users all the time. We sweat the boring stuff like updates, maintenance, and support so you can focus 100% on making what your audiences love: great content.

Glide also provides Professional Services and is expert in the publishing and media sector, with a deep understanding of workflows, content use, improved curation, and common industry challenges like paywalls and migrations.


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