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Digital strategy and technology solutions
10up makes finely crafted websites and tools for content creators, helping companies like TechCrunch, A+E, POLITICO, The Spectator, and Disney create a better web.
Publisher Technology Platform
AdvantageCS is the developer of Advantage – the premier marketing, subscription, order management and membership platform for publishers.
Content-to-commerce platform
Affilizz is a ground-breaking SaaS platform that helps tier-1 content media businesses drive purchase intent. Affilizz tools empower content publishers, from influencers to international media groups, to craft top-notch content-to-commerce experiences while boosting sales for affiliation platforms and brands.
Media Advisory
FT Strategies is the consulting business of the Financial Times. FT Strategies works with media organisations worldwide, helping them to increase recurring revenue, monetise audiences, grow subscriptions, build engagement, transform digitally, and thrive in the digital economy.
Headless CMS & Services for Media
Glide is a content management platform for publishers and media companies with high output of content which allows them to focus on creating more and better content and on increasing revenues.
Media Advisory
HBM Advisory works with its publisher clients to help them unlock the full potential of their digital content. Co-founders Michael Brunt and Alan Hunter have decades of experience in digital publishing with companies such as The Times and Sunday Times and The Economist.
Content Management System
Labrador CMS is a cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) for professional publishers that are growing fast, and is specifically tailored for high-traffic online newspapers, magazines, and TV stations.
Audience engagement solutions
Norkon empowers publishers by providing real-time and engaging reader experiences that support subscription revenue strategies and monetization strategies, focusing on up-to-the-second data, technology and audience engagement.
M&A Advisory
We are investment bankers for technology, media and marketing companies. For nearly three decades we have helped our clients unlock billions of dollars in value through M&A.
Technology solutions provider
PressReader builds technology solutions for content delivery and consumption, publisher empowerment, content intelligence and brand engagement. The Company works with the publishers of over 14,000 newspapers, magazines, and educational publications across 150 countries.
Savile Row Travel
Savile Row Travel was created to service both high-end leisure clientele and the business world. Many of our clients use us for both their own private holidays and their long-haul business travel because they see the value in giving one company their yearly travel plans.
Research Platform & Advisory
Syno International provides clients with a consumer research platform and related services that enable them to efficiently collect data and make better business decisions.
Content curation & distribution platform
The Content Exchange is a one-stop platform for sourcing quality stories from top publishers worldwide. As a global leader in content syndication, TCE works with over 85 publishers and houses almost 500,000 stories in 29 different languages offering something for everyone.
Data Services and Advisory
For over 12 years, we have provided bespoke B2B data services to help businesses grow. We work with a wide range of organisations, from financial services and pharmaceutical companies to event organisers, publishers and other media.
Live blogging solutions
Tickaroo develops software and apps that enable organizations to engage with their audiences in real-time and reach their monetization goals. Its live blogging software is used by media houses, event organisers, and professional sports clubs and associations.
Gen Z Advisory
We are a media agency that helps publishers worldwide to find new storytelling formats to attract and retain young audiences. We connect young audiences with publishers by making sure the news content matches the young readers’ expectations.


Visitor Relationship Management – Single tag SaaS platform for digital subscriptions, adblock recovery, privacy consent management, email acquisition and revenue growth. (HQ: Florida)
Subscriptions & Distribution – Kayak is a comprehensive system for managing subscriptions and distribution. It is a tool for managing customer service, invoicing, accounts receivable, marketing and sales related to printed and digital products and services. (HQ: Stockholm, Sweden)
Micropayments – A federated payment wallet for digital media. The company has developed a digital wallet and signed up a series of participating publishers. When users click on partner sites, a small amount of money is deducted from their prefunded wallet and given to the content source. (HQ: London)
Publisher Payment Tech – Removes friction from the registration and payment process for digital publishers by giving them access to the readers’ mobile phone number. This can then be used for payments to publishers, through charging purchases to the reader’s mobile phone bill. (HQ: Estonia). Recently acquired by Boku.
Mobile Carrier Payments Tech – Connects merchants to over 100 payment methods, including credit cards and carrier billing. Branching out into the publisher space as a means of micropayments and subscriptions billing. (HQ: Vienna)
Subscription Platform – An advanced subscription platform that helps many of the world’s leading media brands improve paywall effectiveness. Clients include American Spectator, The Telegraph, and Indian Express. (HQ: London)
Reader Engagement & Monetization Platform (REMP) – FatChilli for Publishers is the integration partner of REMP, a set of open-source tools aimed to help newsrooms increase reader revenue, understand and monetize audiences better, as well as to market publisher content and sell publisher services. (HQ: Bratislava, Slovakia)
Micro-Access – Fewcents provides micro-access to digital content. Their global plugin identifies casual users and enables low friction access via a micropayment or option to share data with brand sponsors. These micro-conversions build a new revenue stream and provide a steady drip of new subscribers. (HQ: Singapore)
Micropayments – Supplies day-passes and pay-as-you-go tech to generate new revenue streams that are complementary to a publisher’s existing advertising and subscription businesses. (HQ: London)
Paywall Technology – A subscription platform for publishers, built for WordPress. Enhances a readers’ subscription experience, engages casual visitors, leveling visitors up from free to paid and beyond. (HQ: Grantham, NH, US)
Media Sales Solutions & Subscriptions Management – Innovative ERP, media sales, and subscription management solutions to help growth-focused media companies solve operational challenges and identify revenue opportunities. (HQ: Denver/London)
Micropayments And Paywalls – A 360º paywall platform enabling impulse purchases along with traditional subscriptions. Free to enroll and set up. Shared revenue/risk model for publishers. Used by Portugal’s biggest newsgroup. (HQ: Lisbon)
All-In-One Subscription And Membership Management Platform – Out of the box SaaS system, rich with third party integrations, fast to set up and use. Free trial option, economical. (HQ: Montreal, Canada)
Dynamic Paywall Technology – A cloud-based platform that measures each visitor’s likelihood of subscribing and determines the publisher products they’ll need to improve their propensity to subscribe (e.g. a newsletter invitation when a reader is about to close a page). (HQ: NYC)
Subscriptions – A solution for media companies who want to develop membership and subscription based systems. A system that integrates email signups, on-site analytics, and payments. Driven by two conversion points – turning anonymous users into email signups and getting readers to pay. (HQ: NYC)
Dynamic Paywall Solutions And Subscription Platform – helping B2B media companies ‘develop robust and durable economic models’ using tech tools designed to optimize reader revenue ‘at every key moment in their life cycle’. (HQ: Paris)
Paywall Technology – Spun out of The Globe & Mail, Sophi is an AI-powered automation, optimization and prediction platform. It offers a dynamic paywall engine that understands what content users will pay to access and which content delivers more value through advertising. (HQ: Toronto)
Paywall/Subscription Technology – Spectra+ lets readers access paywall content across the web through a single sign-on. Still in the nascent, start-up phase. (HQ: Berlin)
Micropayments – The company’s patented technology enables micropayments without upfront registration, creating a running tab through which users can consume paid digital content and services with one or two clicks. After a monetary threshold is reached, payment is collected and distributed to participating publishers. (HQ: Munich)
Micropayments – Provides a low friction, fast payment process for readers, viewers, and listeners, while letting publishers control how much they charge and allowing them to keep most of the revenue (HQ: Santa Barbara, CA)
Subscription Platform – A bespoke subscriptions platform that is able to help publishers combine digital subscriptions with other events packages in a single offering. Used by VentureBeat, Digiday, Skift, TheWrap, and others. (HQ: New York)
Subscription Experience Platform – Based in NYC and London and founded in 2018, the company combines an intuitive user interface and plug-and-play integrations to maximize publisher’s conversion rates and subscription revenue. The Telegraph, Discovery and HSBC as clients. (HQ: London/NYC). Recently acquired by Zuora.
Subscriptions And Payment Platform For WordPress Websites – Quick and easy subscriptions platform boasting a ten minute set up time and ‘no developers needed’. 1-Click payment to reduce reader friction using Apple Pay, Google Pay, most credit cards and mobile carriers. Publisher clients include Bonnier. (HQ: London).
Subscription Tech – Cloud-based software that enables publishers to launch, manage, and transform themselves into a true subscription business. Offers complete order-to-revenue capabilities and is a 360 degree solution used by the Seattle Times, Financial Times, Guardian, etc. (HQ: San Mateo, CA)
Cookieless Data Platform – Anonymized (recently re-branded from ID Ward) helps publishers and advertisers reach and monetise audiences at scale without exposing any personal data. It allows publishers to reclaim 100% of their lost audiences (cookieless and non-consented) and protects first-party data by giving advertisers granular targeting capabilities using only anonymized data. (HQ: London & Barcelona)
Data Management Platform – Allows publishers to connect their ‘real time’ user data in one place using tech that does not rely on third-party cookies, and is able to provide 100% publisher audience visibility. Awarded best sell side innovation at the Drum’s Digital Advertising Awards 2019. (HQ: London & NYC)
Sovrn Data Collective – is the world’s largest publisher collective for deep consumer insights and enriched audience data. All data is hashed and anonymized before distribution to data partners. (HQ: Boulder, CO)
Publisher Commerce Tools – Affiliate marketing, price comparisons, shopping galleries and other ecommerce tools to help publishers maximize revenue. Trusted by thousands of publishers across the U.S., Europe and Latin America. (HQ: Boulder, CO)
Publisher Ecommerce Tools – allows a publisher to sell products directly from their images, with visitors kept on site and not re-routed off-site. “Content commerce at the point of discovery”. (HQ: Lulea, North Sweden)
Publisher Ecommerce Tools – Turns visitors into eCommerce customers with a suite of related tools e.g. cart abandonment shortcut widget, list builder plug-in, increase average order shortcut, etc (HQ: Austin, TX)
SSP – The world’s largest independent sell-side ad platform. The company was formed following a merger between Rubicon Project and Telaria in 2020. (HQ: Los Angeles)
SSP – One of the world’s leading ad exchanges for data and identity. 2022 winner of Campaign’s Ad Net Zero Sustainability Best Practice Award (HQ: Pasadena, CA)
SSP – A highly curated SSP focusing solely on premium publishers. Used by upwards of 25,000 publishers across the U.S., Europe and Latin America. Ad exchange, ad management, data services, and Signal which captures audience signals and helps publishers unlock further ad performance. (HQ: Boulder, CO)
Automated Content Creation – A leading natural language generation (NLG) provider that empowers publishers to turn data and analytics into clear, written insights. A Stats Perform Company. (HQ: Chicago, US)
Automated Content Creation – automated content creation – Uses artificial intelligence to analyze data and then create basic content and stories, especially sports-based content and real estate content. (HQ: Sweden)
Content Management System – Spun out of The Washington Post, Arc XP is self described as a cloud-native digital experience platform that streamlines content creation and simplifies content management. (HQ: Washington D.C.)
Content Management System – Underpinned by AWS, Glide is a cloud-native CMS system that provides a suite of modern publishing tools allied to the speed and stability modern audiences demand. (HQ: London)
Content Management System – Labrador is an all-you-need web CMS for publishing digital publications and magazines at speed. Entirely cloud-based, Labrador can be used to create any type of digital publication, and offers customisable fonts, colors and layouts. (HQ: Oslo, Norway)
Content Analytics And Performance – A comprehensive platform for knowing where a publisher’s audience is coming from and what content they are engaging with, in order to maximize content performance. (HQ: NYC)
Content Analytics And Performance – An analytics platform focused on article performance for commercial and editorial teams, so they can make better data-driven decisions especially around content. (HQ: London)
Content Analytics And Performance – A content analytics solution that translates editorial data into actionable insights and helps publishers increase engagement & revenue. (HQ: Nijmegen, Netherlands Slovenia | Novi Sad, Serbia)