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NYT eyes the $100 billion games market: The Media Roundup

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Facing a post-Trump slowdown, the New York Times eyes the $100 billion games market

The most searched-for terms on the New York Times website last year weren’t “Trump” or “Biden” or even “coronavirus.” They were “crosswords” and “Spelling Bee,” the name of the Times’s online word game.

Now with Trump’s traffic-driving presidency firmly behind us, the publisher is looking to invest more money than ever before in games and puzzles. Games are the Times’s second-most-popular subscription, ahead of cooking, which had 726,000 people enrolled.

Diversification is all very well, but a familiar question rears its head: when is a publisher no longer a publisher, but a games-maker? Or with an eCommerce focus, what stops a publisher being called a retailer? This isn’t an issue in itself, but when a significant proportion of income is from endeavours that aren’t journalism, future business priorities will inevitably change.

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