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Media needs to evolve its thinking about millennials: The Media Roundup

Media needs to evolve its thinking about millennials: BDG parenting bet is the right move

Millennials are all growed up. Bustle Digital Group is one publisher investing a huge amount into parenting as its audiences are maturing. The company expects revenue from its parenting content to account for more than a quarter of its business in 2022; an estimated $35-40 million.

Jacob Donnelly asks whether other publishers should be looking at this category, and not just for parenting content. Saving for retirement, buying a home and financing kids are all things that will be top-of-mind for millennials over the coming years. Not to mention the amount of money we’re set to spend (apparently inheritance is incoming!), making us a very attractive demographic to advertisers.

In short, less avocado toast outrage and more parenting and personal finance guidance please. We may have ruined the diamond industry, but perhaps we can save publishing.

Job’s a good’un: how LinkedIn transformed itself into a gen Z-friendly social media contender

Firstly, this is not a satirical piece, as much as it reads like one. Secondly, the headline is a little misleading. LinkedIn is certainly trying to appeal to Gen Z, but it will be some time yet before we can see whether their slightly cringe efforts have succeeded. Nonetheless, it’s a good round-up of some of the platform’s latest features.

More than $4 million has been raised for independent Ukrainian media. Here’s where it’s going.

Money is pouring in for the Ukrainian journalists covering the invasion of their homeland. From direct financial and operational support to protective gear and media equipment, this looks at how both short-term needs are being met and how outlets are planning to cover the conflict in the longer term.

‘Obscene power imbalance’: Aussie local small publications to down tools for a day

No one could possibly have predicted that small news outlets would lose out as laws came into force requiring the tech giants to negotiate with news outlets directly for payments. We’ve linked to stories in previous issues about just how badly this is going for smaller publishers, and now they’re threatening to stop publishing news for a day. Sadly, the only people that lose out when local outlets stop publishing are local audiences.

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