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Media Moments 2018: Report Download

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What’s New in Publishing is pleased to present its first report, written by the Media Voices team and sponsored by Sovrn.

‘Media Moments 2018’ explores seven key areas which have influenced the media and publishing industry this year, from reader revenue and platforms to advertising and data. It finishes with a look at some of the key opportunities for 2019.

Each section gives an overview of the media moments which have defined the past year, along with a look at where we are now, what we can expect to happen next year, and case studies of publishers and brands who have made their mark, for better or worse.

Learn about the long-term impact Facebook’s algorithm changes have had on publisher’s social strategies, what prompted the ‘pivot to paywalls’ for a number of publications, why print media is still alive and kicking, and the state of trust in news organisations. 

Download the report here