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Lessons in newsroom leadership from Anita Zielina: The Media Roundup

Five big leadership challenges facing the media industry

In a wide-ranging interview, CUNY’s Anita Zielina shared her views on the key challenges facing the news and media industries. Friend of Media Voices Damian Radcliffe takes us through some of Zielina’s thoughts and observations from her time as one of the most influential people in the media world. This part in particularly stuck out to me:

“Implementation is about more than just the products you build, and the platforms you use, Zielina reminds us. People, ethics, and culture must not be overlooked. The workplace is an area in which she believes change is long overdue. If not, then talented people will leave. For good. In fact, Zielina says, many are already gone.” 

She specifically notes a generational shift whereby Millennials and Gen Z “are not willing to put up with the not-so-great culture and ethics anymore.” That challenge is especially acute for new journalists, who feel the pressure to take work anywhere in a shrinking industry. We all need to call out digital publishing culture that sees young journalists as batteries to be overworked and then thrown away.

Ukrainian press steadfast despite wartime challenges

When I interviewed the editor-in-chief of Marie Claire Ukraine a few weeks ago I was blown away by the stories of fashion editors taking up arms and capturing Russian troops – all while continuing to produce the magazine. This article from CJR includes more amazing stories of Ukrainian journalists going over and above during times of conflict.

Do browser extensions keep anyone away from fake news sites? Maybe a tiny bit

The undifferentiated, ungraded digital news ecosystem means that disinformation sites can appear as legitimate as ‘real ones’. A new study finds that NewsGuard’s credibility ratings for news sites helped steer the most frequent consumers of misinformation towards more reliable outlets. It’s a small step, but it’s still nice to see.

Disney+’s 7.9m subscriber bump brings it even closer to Netflix

We’re facing an insanely difficult cost of living crisis in the UK. Competition for paying subscribers is heating up, and Disney+‘s 7.9 million subscribers added during the last quarter means less potential subscribers for news products. All media is competition for all other media, now more than ever.

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