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Jack Dorsey resigns as CEO of Twitter, how the Norwich Evening News is speaking truth to power, and more: The Media Roundup

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How the Norwich Evening News is speaking truth to power

The final line of this write-up of a local title’s ‘We’ll Sort It’ campaign is as strong a statement on the value of the local press as you could ever want: “The council aren’t best chuffed at the increased scrutiny though.” If that doesn’t make you want to fist pump then I don’t know what will – what better measure of a newspaper’s effectiveness than managing to prod, bother and infuriate those in power?

The Norwich Evening News’ editor Richard Porritt – about who I know nothing beyond this article – seems to take joy in the instances of improving the lives of those on the paper’s patch. Even the name of the campaign evokes the tenets of service journalism that make the local press so necessary. It’s well worth a read and, despite being short, will probably have you feeling better about local publishing:

“This is the power of local news. And this is the kind of thing I am determined the Evening News will be synonymous for — looking out for ordinary folk and doing our best for them.” I would read reams and reams of this!

Jack Dorsey resigns as CEO of Twitter

Twitter’s founder has departed, ostensibly to prevent the ‘single point of failure’ that comes from being a founder-led tech company (but realistically to concentrate on his cryptocurrency ventures).

Track reader regularity rates to optimize subscription success

The utter, utter horror of managing subscriptions comes when people aren’t using your product. Infrequent use is, as this excellent study summarised on DCN proves, the single best indicator of someone who will let their news subscription lapse. Lots of insight in this one.

Blavity to continue building its virtual event model in the metaverse after successful AfroTech

We’ve heard a lot – a lot – about hybrid events over the past two years – but what lies beyond hybrid? Blavity might have an early peek at what that looks like – as the metaverse has been core to its virtual events strategy for nearly two years.

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