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Is Google Search dying, and what does it mean for publishers? — The Media Roundup

Is Google dying? Or did the web grow up?

This is a faaaascinating read, and one that speaks to the ephemeral nature of life online. For The Atlantic, Charlie Warzel argues that ‘one of the most-used tools on the internet is not what it used to be’. Warzel’s article examines whether Google Search – the lifeblood of both the platform and the bedrock of many publisher strategies – is slowly becoming worse for its users:

“Most people don’t need a history lesson to know that Google has changed; they feel it. Try searching for a product on your smartphone and you’ll see that what was once a small teal bar featuring one “sponsored link” is now a hard-to-decipher, multi-scroll slog, filled with paid-product carousels; multiple paid-link ads… Once you’ve scrolled through that, multiple screen lengths below, you’ll find the unpaid search results. Like much of the internet in 2022, it feels monetized to death, soulless, and exhausting.”

So what does that mean for publishers, who rely on search engines to deliver users into the safe harbour of their owned and operated sites? At one point does Search become so commerce-focused that it becomes a poor way for users to discover trusted publishers? Any total collapse is a way off yet – but nothing lasts forever, especially online.

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