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Information launches standalone publication, MEL mag finds a buyer, and more: The Media Roundup

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MEL Magazine acquired from Dollar Shave Club by Recurrent Ventures

Men’s health and culture publication MEL Magazine – formerly owned by Dollar Shave Club – has been acquired by Recurrent Ventures. Dollar Shave Club ended its financial relationship with MEL back in March, leaving the staffers without jobs. But the acquisition will mean 18 of them can be rehired, and longtime editor-in-chief Josh Schollmeyer will remain.

Given how picky Schollmeyer has been about finding the right investor, I can imagine this will be a great opportunity for the brand to stand on its own feet. Recurrent Ventures is a private equity firm which specialises in helping brands monetise, and monetisation is something Schollmeyer has been keen on building out for a while (something he was unable to really take advantage of under DSC ownership).

Whether they’ll eventually return to their planned paid newsletter launches remains to be seen, but we wish them the very best with their early August brand relaunch.

The Information is launching its first standalone publication

“The Electric” will be written and led by Steve LeVine, and will be about batteries, electric vehicles, and future transportation. Consumers will pay for access to the publication separately from The Information, and Lessin will be running it as a stand-alone business. Yes…there will be a newsletter!

The New Statesman Media Group’s David Tomchak on funding high quality journalism

David Tomchak has been tasked with finding a way to fund high-quality journalism as Chief Operating Officer for the New Statesman Media Group. Peter Houston talks to him about their lead generation initiative, and how their niche Monitor verticals are helping establish a solid revenue stream for the business.

I am a community journalist: what can AI do for me?

Half a million comments a month is way too much for a team of human moderators to sift through. And so Kronen Zeitung, one of Austria’s largest news publishers began experimenting with artificial intelligence-powered tools that were brought into the newsroom to help clean up the comment section.

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