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I’m not ditching Twitter just yet: The Media Roundup

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I’m not ditching Twitter just yet

It isn’t easy to find a media story at the moment that isn’t a reaction to the last molotov cocktail Mr Musk lobbed at the Twittersphere. We’ve just recorded the platforms episode of our Media Moments season with Matt Navarra and it was tough to talk about anything else.

This Vanity Fair piece will provide you with a solid run-through of the past week’s happenings; Molly Jong-Fast pulls no punches in describing the carnage that has unfolded in a ‘typically Muskian fashion’. But somewhat atypically, she makes it very clear that she is going nowhere for now.

She says, even as blue checks are checking out Mastodon, Twitter remains the best place for news junkies like her until something better comes along. “I am not enjoying watching Musk break his new plaything, but I will stay on Twitter until there’s a real alternative.” Sadly, I think she’s speaking for most of us at the moment.

Mastodon’s founder has a vision for democratizing social media

That said, thousands of users have joined Mastodon since Elon Musk took control of Twitter. The platform’s founder Eugen Rochko says it has been a vindication of his decision to begin coding Mastodon in 2016 after becoming disillusioned with Twitter. “It was generally related to a feeling of distrust of the top-down control that Twitter exercised,” he told Time.

Can we stop the endless decline of trust in the media?

Our seventh Media Moments’ episode looks at trust in the media, the growth of news fatigue and avoidance, and the opportunities and dangers in the future, from AI to platforms. Will transparency in reporting help bring round reluctant or sceptical readers, or do we need to do more? Joining us this week to discuss the year in trust is Martha Williams, CEO of World Newsmedia Network.

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve come to believe about podcasting?

I wrote a wee thing over on the International Magazine Centre blog, answering a question from friend of the podcast Chris Phin. I think podcasting throws up lots of surprises, good and bad. The biggest for me is always the ability of tiny producers to punch way above their weight. More power to us.

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