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Google and Facebook make up less than 5 percent of publishers’ digital revenue

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Google and Facebook are the biggest tech companies in terms of advertising and biggest traffic sources for publishers, but they still only account for less than 5 percent of publishers’ digital revenue, a new report from publisher trade group Digital Content Next shows.

Looking just at the revenue publishers make from their distributed content, across sources like Facebook Instant Articles, Google AMP and Instagram, Google and Facebook account for about 30 percent, according to the Distributed Content Revenue Benchmark Report, which was released yesterday.

This is the second year DCN has done the report, and what’s significant is that the revenue publishers are taking in from third-party platforms has barely budged in a year — despite platforms’ gestures to help publishers to help them better monetize their content as the platforms, particularly Google and Facebook, tighten their grip on digital ad spending.

The DCN report comes at a time of growing publisher frustration with the monetization they’re getting from the platform giants, which has led some to scale back the amount of content they distribute there and think twice about dedicating resources to make content specifically for those platforms with too little or uncertain benefits in return. They’re also facing fresh concerns with Facebook announcing in January it would show less news in the news feed.

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