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Gen Z in the workplace: A primer for publishers

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As the future workforce, Gen Z will profoundly influence the forthcoming workplace. Their viewpoints on ethics, transparency, and authenticity, particularly in relation to AI and news, will be explored in this section. We will also delve into the consequences of these perspectives for media professionals and organisations.

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As the next generation of workers, Gen Z is poised to significantly shape the future workplace with their unique attitudes and perspectives. These attitudes primarily revolve around ethics, transparency, and authenticity – values that are especially significant within the context of AI and news.

In previous sections, we have discussed Gen Z’s heightened awareness surrounding inclusivity, individualism, and their propensity towards the personal and experiential. In this section, we will explore how these attitudes translate to a Gen Z workforce and how the workplace is evolving in response to these renewed perspectives driven by advanced technologies.


Gen Z has a strong inclination towards ethical considerations. They prioritize working for organisations that align with their values and social causes, even over salary and benefits. In the context of AI and news, Gen Z employees are likely to champion responsible and ethical AI practices, advocating for transparency, fairness, and unbiased algorithms in news dissemination.

This emerging generation has higher expectations for the workplace than ever before. They prioritize flexible working arrangements, shared values, higher pay, and increased support for mental health. Gen Zers not only know what they want; they are more likely to seek out new opportunities to get it. A Bank of America report found that 25% of Gen Z workers have switched jobs in the last six months – and more are on the move every day

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This shift indicates that Gen Z is willing to change jobs or careers if their values are not aligned with their current workplace, demonstrating lower levels of job loyalty than previous generations. Therefore, attracting and retaining a skilled Gen Z workforce requires organizations to emphasize the values that are important to Gen Z workers, especially in the context of AI, where transparency, responsibility, and accuracy are of utmost importance.


Transparency and open communication are key values for Gen Z employees. They expect their employers to be transparent about their practices and decision-making processes, including how AI is used in news production. This emphasis on transparency extends to their role as consumers; Gen Z is keen on engaging with authentic and trustworthy news sources. They desire access to well-researched articles and expect the process of its creation to be transparent.

A Pew Research study found that fewer Americans had trust in tech in 2019 than they did in 2015, the percentage dropping significantly from 71% to 50% in those four years. This trend suggests that Gen Z is more discerning with regards to the brands it engages with and more inclined to probe into their ethical credentials. In essence, to attract and retain Gen Z talent in the AI-assisted news industry, maintaining openness and transparency is crucial.


Despite being digital natives, Gen Z values authenticity and genuine connections. In the context of AI and news, they appreciate news platforms that offer diverse and authentic perspectives. They actively seek challenging or opposing views and are willing to confront difficult topics in the pursuit of authenticity and change.

This preference for authentic content, representing diverse views and experiences, is likely to shape their contributions in the workforce. Gen Z employees are expected to drive the demand for AI-powered news tools that offer personalized, balanced, and unbiased news feeds. By doing so, they respect individuality while ensuring a broader understanding of different subject matters and demographics.

The potential impacts of this shift are profound. Historically marginalized groups might finally have their stories heard as employers and news organizations adapt their practices to meet the values and expectations of Gen Z. This development ultimately benefits everyone, fostering a more ethical, responsible, and inclusive world. This projection of the future of the workplace underscores the importance of understanding and aligning with Gen Z’s attitudes towards ethics, transparency, and authenticity.

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