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For Gen Z, TikTok is the new search engine: The Media Roundup

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Time launches platform to help companies tackle climate change

Wonderful header image from Axios, and one that speaks to some of the financial reasons for going green. Time is launching what is effectively an independent division – one that doesn’t sit within the company’s newsroom or business department – to help fund climate-friendly endeavours and experiments.

CO2 by Time essentially aims to become a “surrogate sustainability team” for companies, said Simon Mulcahy, Time’s president of sustainability, who is leading the new division as CEO. “Because the climate market is full of so many junk quality projects, they’re just risking throwing money away,” he said.

Look, I know it’s easy to be cynical. But the reality is that the allure of cash money is probably what will eventually tip more companies towards sustainability. It’s not the best reason to go green, but the ends justify the means. Time is smart to be getting in on this relatively early.

For Gen Z, TikTok is the new search engine

I’ve written a few times now about how TikTok is the go-to for recommendations and discovery among Gen Z. But this longer exploration from the NYT is interesting for what it says about the future of Google. Will we eventually hear cries of ‘make TikTok pay for journalism’?

Spotify launches audiobooks business

Not content with trying to own the entire podcasting market, Spotify has finally formally launched its audiobooks business – as an à la carte model. This isn’t strictly a publishing story, but inevitably this shake up will alter the balance of power between all the big digital players.

Shares in Marie Claire publisher Future plunge as chief announces departure

Wowza. You’d feel pretty bloody special if the announcement of you leaving a company wiped over a quarter of a million pounds fromits value. Yet more than £300 million has been stripped from Future’s market value after the announcement that Zillah Byng-Thorne is to step down.

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