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Congress 2024: Escape the pings. Let’s meet.

In this digital-centric world of ours, there’s an unmatched value in face-to-face meetings. They spark innovative ideas, facilitate impromptu chats, and enhance business ties. 

Despite our increasingly digital interactions, the continuous online hustle intensifies the need to make time to meet face-to-face and cut through the pings, alerts and other digital interruptions and noise.

At the FIPP World Media Congress last year, participants had the opportunity to meet with counterparts from 43 countries. This is the Congress way: a global conference with worldwide attendees from markets large and small.

The 46th FIPP World Media Congress takes place on 4-6 June (with the speaker programme on 5 and 6 June) in Cascais, about 30 minutes from Lisbon, Portugal. 

Congress 2022 and 2023 attendees will vouch for the setting and how it contributes to the overall Congress experience. 

It truly is a gem that lends itself to connecting and conversing with top colleagues worldwide, whether in the plaza or one of the meeting areas at the Pestana Cidadela, our venue, or in the cobbled streets and restaurants of Cascais.

Are you ready for high-quality, valuable face-to-face conversations?


We now have registration for Congress 2024 open with a limited-time “launch offer”, which will end soon. Sign up today to book your place for the conference at the best possible rate.

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You can also read more about Congress, FIPP and the Congress organisers Media Makers Meet – Mx3 on the same page.


We already have seventeen confirmed speakers from the US, the UK, Germany, Mexico, Nigeria, Morocco, South Africa, the UAE and India, with several conversations bubbling. With a limited number of sessions and many topics and markets to cover, we will (honestly!) soon run out. 

If you are still interested in speaking at Congress, please get your proposal to Cobus Heyl, Co-founder and COO of Mx3, ASAP. Email Cobus at


We have several partner opportunities, from experiences to product demos, meeting and networking opportunities, our expo, and more. We are also open to your proposals, especially those that create immersive and unforgettable experiences for our attendees.

Contact John Schlaefli, Co-founder and CCO of Mx3, to discuss opportunities. Email John at

We hope to see you in Cascais in June!

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