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Award-winning children’s news magazine The Week Junior launches in America

Dennis Publishing, the company behind the nation’s most trusted weekly news magazine, The Week, announced it will be launching a weekly news magazine for children — The Week Junior following its stunning success in the United Kingdom. The magazine will be the first news weekly print magazine in the United States since The Week launched in 2001. The magazine has one simple goal of making sense of the world to young people through intelligent and exciting content expertly written to grab children’s attention and get them reading. 

The bold launch comes at a time of increased public interest in the emergence of Generation Alpha, highlighted by the global spotlight shined on Greta Thunberg. Generation Alpha is smart, curious, connected and hungry to know — a perfect community for a new magazine that reflects their interest in the world.

Aimed at an audience of 8- to 14-year-olds, The Week Junior launched in the United Kingdom in 2015 and quickly became the country’s fastest-growing print magazine, winning multiple awards. With 32 pages full of engaging articles, eye-catching photos, and big ideas, the magazine gets children reading, thinking and talking. It features everything from current events to coding and cooking. It boasts interviews with inspiring people, thought-provoking debates, puzzles, activities and all the news kids want to know. It feeds children’s curiosity and delivers information clearly, concisely and with a sense of fun.

When we launched The Week Junior in the UK, everyone told us that children don’t read the news; we proved them wrong. Children are smarter and more eager to know what is going on than they are given credit for. Our mission is to inspire children with inspired reading.

Kerin O’Connor, Chief Executive of The Week and The Week Junior

“This is without a doubt one of the most exciting magazines we’ve ever published at Dennis,” says Kerin O’Connor, Chief Executive of The Week and The Week Junior. “It expertly brings together the world’s most interesting and amazing facts into one extraordinary publication that grips young people’s attention. We are thrilled to announce its arrival in America in the spring of 2020 and feel confident that it will repeat the UK’s success. Our extensive US research showed a market ready for The Week Junior to launch.” 

Parenting and editorial expert Andrea Barbalich joins as US Editor in Chief. Barbalich brings more than 20 years of editorial experience to the magazine, having previously held executive editor roles at Prevention, Scholastic, and Child. 

The Week Junior stands for more than just a renaissance in print. It stands for helping children navigate the fast-moving and sometimes confusing world around them.

AndreaBarbalich, US Editor in Chief of The Week Junior

Barbalich says, “Through accurate, engaging and unbiased editorial, we are empowering children to think critically, form their own opinions and understand their place in the world. The Week Junior fosters a passion for reading and learning that will last a lifetime.”

“When you’re young the world can appear to be a complex place, so The Week Junior will be on hand to help explain what’s really going on in a safe and trusted way,” adds O’Connor. “It’s important that children have a dependable, nonpartisan source of news during these eventful times, especially in an election year. America’s most informed readers may turn out to be its youngest ones.”

In addition to its commercial success, The Week Junior has a real, tangible impact on UK readers’ lives. Parents and teachers alike place a high value on the magazine with 98% of adults having “noticed an improvement in readers’ knowledge and understanding of news and current affairs.” In a media landscape dominated by screens and streaming, 96% of readers in the UK would recommend The Week Junior to their friends.

The Week Junior will launch in spring 2020. Costing $75 for a one-year subscription of 48 issues, the magazine will arrive in subscribers’ mailboxes every week starting in March. Parents and teachers can subscribe to The Week Junior at