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Amazon tips its hand on Alexa ads

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Although Amazon maintains there are no plans to put ads on its Alexa voice assistant — the brains behind the Echo line of smart speakers — they’ve started asking advertisers what kind of ads they might pay for.

I’ve been talking a lot about the development of voice search, AI assistants and smart speakers lately, and what they could mean for digital advertising in the future. (Maybe you’ve heard some of it …) But so far, the actual advertising side of that has been a guessing game. Here are a few advertising options, but clearly Amazon is letting the user base build before revealing the actual shape of its offering to brands.

But just yesterday, CNBC reported that Amazon has started asking serious questions about the viability of Alexa advertising. According to anonymous sources, they’ve gone as far as asking major CPG brands what kinds of sponsorships they’d be willing to pay for.

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