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Ad blockers struggle under Chrome’s new rules: The Media Roundup

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After 260 journalism innovation grants, Google has decided smaller and quicker is better

Google’s odd relationship with the news industry has – despite the argy bargy – delivered results when it comes to funding journalistic experiments. As Rick Edmonds writes, while others practice a long-term ‘go-big-or-go-home’ strategy, Google’s philanthropy has taken the opposite tack.

For instance, Ludovic Blecher, who runs the Google Innovation Challenges from Paris, explains how replicability is important to secure funding: “Google also learned to look for ideas that are both collaborative and replicable, so there is an industry impact, not just a lift to the recipient. And he has concluded that just completing an application, even one that isn’t funded, can broaden the thinking of news outlets stuck in the day-to-day.”

We can discuss the various issues of publishers of all shapes and sizes accepting money from the big platforms – and have, at length. But at least these innovation challenges actually fund experimentation by design, so that we can learn something about the realities of digital publishing instead of it just going into Murdoch’s pocket.

Ad blockers struggle under Chrome’s new rules

Adblocking sort of feels like the acid rain of the digital ad world – it was a huge and scary problem and undoubtedly caused problems, but it just… went away? Or at least stopped getting as many column inches devoted to it. Or maybe not – adblocking is back at 2018 levels, but that might be about to change again.

The best podcast editing software: our top 5 picks

With nearly six years of weekly podcasts under our belts, we know the importance of choosing podcast editing software that will fit around your workflow. Whether you’re an experienced audio nerd or a podcast beginner, there are a range of tools on the market at a variety of different price points to suit your budget. We frequently get asked for podcast editing software recommendations. Here are our top five, and what you’ll need to budget for them.

Despite growing dangers, reporters are finding new ways to report on the Amazon

There are some stories that jolt you out of your comfort zone. Journalists are still in real danger in so many parts of the world, and the tenacity and inventiveness of some reporters in Colombia is absolutely inspiring. Well worth a read.

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