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5 pieces of advice for those interested in podcasting: The Media Roundup

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Five pieces of advice for those interested in podcasting

It’s a nice coincidence that this piece from Audio Insurgent’s Eric Nuzum came up the week we put out the 10 lessons we’ve learned from 200 episodes of the Media Voices podcast. Eric’s five podcasting tips were first delivered in a six minute Masterclass during Radiodays Europe.

He makes great points around community building, avoiding getting trapped in a single format show and not being boring. But my favourite pointer is to think of yourself, not as a podcaster, but as an audio maker as a way to future-proof your work against technical developments that we haven’t even thought of yet.

Stop worrying about the platform you’re on.

This is smart, but also resonates with recent conversations we’ve had about going beyond podcasting to position Media Voices as a media industry information provider. Of course we’ll continue to make podcasts, but we’re also looking at live audio, events, articles and reports and of course this newsletter. We hope podcasting is just the start.

Guardian appoints first diversity executive

The Guardian has appointed Joseph Harker, deputy opinion editor and columnist, as its new senior executive for diversity and development. The paper has committed to being “a more diverse and inclusive employer” and Harker told Press Gazette, “I want to go beyond the numbers to actually make sure all people from all backgrounds feel at ease here.”

Dow Jones expands Twitter revenue-sharing deal

Dow Jones has been selling ads against Walls Street Journal content on Twitter for two years. Now, the News Corp-owned media company is expanding its Twitter deal by two and three more properties, including Barron’s, MarketWatch and Investor’s Business Daily. It might have something to do with a 100% increase in revenue on The Wall Street Journal’s content on Twitter since 2019.

Why Netflix viewing figures matter

Jim Waterson is out to convince people that they should care about exactly how many people watched the moral panic-inducing streaming series Squid Game. He’s taking issue with the fact that Netflix says Squid Game had been watched by 142 million households. His problem, we’ve only got Netflix’s word to go on and they’re counting anything beyond two minutes as a watch.

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