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WNIP becomes Media Makers Meet (Mx3)

Following its acquisition by Di5rupt, the media intelligence and business network, What’s New in Publishing has been rebranded to Media Makers Meet (Mx3).

The rebranded Media Makers Meet (Mx3) website will incorporate WNIP and Di5rupt’s features and research reports, as well as provide a window to its in-person events.

The site aims to become a benchmark standard in media analysis, intelligence, thought leadership, (Collectif) community and in-depth research reports. It will focus primarily on media that serves well-defined communities of special interest, as well as media-tech and other service providers enabling the industry to innovate and move forward.

The roll-out of the rebranded WNIP site will be the first step in the formal renaming of Di5rupt to Media Makers Meet (Mx3). More to be announced in early September.

What this means

This week, our rebranded Media Makers Meet (Mx3) website soft launches, giving a new name, look and feel to What’s New in Publishing. We will also soon cease publishing news and reports on the Di5rupt site and will also push event and company updates through the new site, meaning one destination site for our audience incorporating Di5rupt, WNIP and all new initiatives.

Whilst the changes will clearly be visual and format in nature, they will also incorporate a change in editorial emphasis to include more in-depth features and interviews, reports, events, as well as our Collectif Community of media leaders, experts and trend shapers.

If you are interested in learning more about Collectif, please contact TJ Hunter (

More details to follow in due course…