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Why do people cancel news subscriptions? — The Media Roundup

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Cancel culture: Why do people cancel news subscriptions?

The Nieman Lab team asked their readers why they actually went ahead and cancelled their news subscriptions. They got over 500 responses – which you can read grouped by publication here – and they’re well worth a read for anyone dependent on reader revenue for their business, news or not.

Money was cited as the top reason for cancelling by 31% of people, especially in the light of the pandemic. Politics was the second most cited reason, with 30% saying they cancelled the news subscription due to ideology or political takes. Customer service and UX issues, like not being able to change details online, was another common reason.

Cancel culture: Why do people cancel news subscriptions?

Many of the respondents didn’t cancel their subscriptions lightly. The survey is undoubtedly a self-selecting audience of news fanatics, being Nieman Lab readers. But they shine a light on a largely unstudied area of the media industry, and one that will be increasingly important going forward.

Does your news outlet need an app? Depends on your business model and resources

My first two jobs were in publisher apps, so I can verify that there’s an awful lot of sense in this post. So should you get an app? “The answer is more complicated than it seems,” says David Tvrdon. “Anyone telling you a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ without knowing your business most likely doesn’t know what they are talking about.”

The Information amps up Creator Economy coverage spurred by demand

Coverage of the creator economy, including topics like its hottest entrants and history of skewed payouts, has generated a six-figure subscription revenue for The Information. Reporting for the sector has additionally led to similar revenue in corporate subscriptions. We had The Information’s Creator Economy Reporter Kaya Yurieff on the podcast just a few weeks ago if you’d like to learn more about her work.

The Standard in crisis: read all about it, but for how much longer?

Honestly it’s a bit soon to totally write off London’s Evening Standard given we’re still in the early days of recovery from the pandemic. But nonetheless this is an interesting walk through the history of London’s ‘local’ paper, as it waves goodbye to its most recent editor Emily Sheffield.

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