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What’s next in digital publishing, post-pandemic? — The Media Roundup

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What’s next in digital publishing, post-pandemic?

With much of the world opening up, Brian Morrisey is thinking about post-pandemic shifts in the media business. Safely distant from the Delta variant in Miami, Brian sees a few things worth watching out for in the last half of the year.

The return of live events is top of his list, maybe because he’s going to Paris next week for his first in-person event since early last year. I’m moderating a podcast panel at The Publishing Show later this month and, like Brian, I’m very curious to know how it’s all going to work.

Other things to watch for include staff shortages and wage pressure; more consolidation; a revival of ad networks, especially those supplying context or working off first-party data; and (Oh God!) some serious cryptomedia projects.

Internet outage sends news publishers scrambling for a backup plan

What did you do during the great Internet outage of June 2021? Josh Benton at Nieman Lab points out some of the hacks publishers used to get around the 60-minute blackout, caused by Flatly’s CDN going AWOL. My favourite was Alex Hern designating his Twitter feed The Guardian’s formal liveblog for the duration.

A new tool to find stories from underrepresented voices

The Byline Project comes from Black-culture publication Okayplayer working through the Google News Initiative Innovation Challenge to surface new voices from under-represented communities. The free digital tool helps smaller publishers reintroduce local reporting and connects storytellers to financial support from a broader digital audience.

Netflix’s Sweet Tooth advertorial in USA Today was ‘beyond irresponsible’

Gizmodo is having a go at USA Today for putting its ‘financial needs before its integrity’. The newspaper’s crime was selling a front-page wrap-around ad for the Netflix ‘Sweet Tooth’ series about human-animal hybrids. There was a time when I’d have said, ‘Don’t be daft, no one would ever believe this is real’, but these days ????????‍♂️

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