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We’re at Mx3 Barcelona! Here’s what to expect (even if you couldn’t make it)

Team Mx3 and over 150 worldwide colleagues are in Barcelona this week for our Mx3 Barcelona summit, which focuses on innovation in and across media verticals.

If you couldn’t make it to Barcelona or missed the cut, we won’t leave you completely high and dry. While all on-stage interviews are off the record, we will feature some of the general trends emerging from the conversations in wrap-up features and a special report.

Here is some of what will be covered.

Innovation at the Heart

The core of Mx3 Barcelona lies in its dedication to innovation across media verticals. The event promises a deep dive into how traditional media landscapes are being reshaped in the digital age, spotlighting the creators, innovators, and mavericks who are leading the charge. From disruptive business models to the latest tech advancements, attendees will gain unparalleled insights into what’s next for vertical media.

Community-Driven Success

One of the standout features of Mx3 Barcelona is its focus on community-driven media models. With sessions dedicated to the art and science of building engaged communities, attendees will learn from the successes and challenges experienced by leading media figures. This emphasis on community underscores the event’s belief in the power of direct and meaningful relationships with audiences as the cornerstone of media brand success.

Leadership and the Future of Media

The event will also spotlight leadership in the ever-evolving media landscape, offering visionary perspectives on steering media organizations towards a successful future. With sessions covering a range of topics from AI’s role in media to innovative storytelling and audience engagement strategies, Mx3 Barcelona is set to provide a roadmap for navigating the challenges and opportunities of the digital era.

Niche Marketing and Monetisation Strategies

Recognising the importance of niches in today’s fragmented media environment, Mx3 Barcelona will explore how media entities can carve out unique spaces for themselves and monetise their content and services effectively. Attendees will hear about creating compelling narratives that resonate with specific audiences, leveraging data for personalised experiences, and innovative, diversified monetisation models that ensure sustainability and growth.

The Power of Like-Minded Communities

Apart from the stage sessions, Mx3 Barcelona is very much an opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals from different markets, and who operate in the creator, consumer and B2B media sectors. Our aim is to foster networking and collaboration, allowing attendees to share insights, form partnerships, and discover new opportunities in an atmosphere of openness and mutual respect. We will record a few interviews with attendees on the sidelines to share afterwards, also giving you a sense of their thoughts on the industry.


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