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Twitter steadily grows its audience as it shifts content strategy: The Media Roundup

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Archant sells off specialist titles as owner readies sale

Archant’s private equity owners Rcapital signalled a sale late in January, just 18 months after buying the local news publisher. Last week, ahead of any wholesale sell-off (rumoured to be to Newsquest), the group disposed of a series of specialist magazine titles to Kelsey Media.

Kelsey’s portfolio is mainly in automotive, farming, active living and hobbies. The acquisition list includes Canal Boat, Pilot, Agricultural Trader and Country Smallholding. The sale leaves Archant with another 10 specialist magazines.

Archant sells off specialist titles as owner readies sale

In a statement to staff, Archant CEO Lorna Willis said, “Specialist content is Kelsey’s core business hence this is an excellent fit for these titles which are much loved within their specialist communities. I have no doubt they will go from strength to strength.” I’m just relieved that the Your Chickens brand has found a forever home.

Twitter steadily grows its audience as it shifts content strategy

Over the past year, Twitter has been diversifying its revenue streams in recognition of the changing economics of creating content. Its latest results demonstrate the benefits of that diversification, reporting $5 billion in annual revenue, up 37% for the year. The numbers see it holding steady on its target of 315 million average daily active users and $7.5 billion in revenue by the end of 2023.

5 non-publishing industries with big ad revenue potential

Amazon’s just announced £31 billion in ad revenues for 2021, and just in case you thought that was some kind of a Bezos-inspired fluke, this piece in AdExchanger lists all the other online retailers that are lining up to steal your lunch. The big takeaway for publishers is… sort out your first-party data.

Netflix orders docuseries on crypto laundering couple

Chris called it! We spoke about this truly bizarre story on the podcast this week and Mr Sutcliffe wondered just how long it would be until the Netflix documentary came along. It seems that the tale of a Forbes-contributing rapper called Razzlekhan laundering $4.5 billion worth of Bitcoin with her husband was just too tempting for Netflix to wait. Move over Joe Exotic.

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