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The rise of the AI Editors: The Media Roundup

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Meet the first-ever artificial intelligence editor at the Financial Times

If I told you I was an AI Editor, what would you assume I did? Edited articles produced by AI, or had AI as my reporting beat? I assumed the former and opened this piece expecting to learn more about the FT’s plans to integrate AI-generated content into the newsroom.

However, what the FT has actually done is dedicated a reporter entirely to the AI beat. Madhumita Murgia is the publisher’s first-ever artificial intelligence editor, tasked with leading coverage and providing advice and expertise to other FT reporters.

That last part is especially interesting. AI is increasingly going to touch all aspects of our lives, so having a dedicated correspondent who can collaborate with others to enhance expertise across their global newsroom is a smart idea. But what job title will they give to the inevitable ‘editor of AI-produced articles’?

Podcasting: taking its rightful place in publishers’ plans

Chris Phin has written this excellent feature for InPublishing looking at how podcasts should be seen as an integrated part of publishers’ strategic plans. There are some thoughts from Yours Truly too, which Phin has managed to translate from a rambling pre-Christmas email to something that makes more sense.

The problems with password sharing

Password sharing and the extent to which it affects publishers was something we discussed on the podcast a few weeks ago. Now, media analyst Thomas Baekdal – who has his own Baekdal Plus membership scheme – dives deeper into the issue drawing on his own experiences. For B2B publishers, this must be a huge issue. But the solutions are more complicated too.

35 lessons from 35 years of newsletter publishing

This article is over a year old, but someone added it to our shared articles area on Pocket and there were some real gems in it so I thought I’d share. My favourite is that the best metric is replies. 

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