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Apple News+ to intercept publisher traffic with iOS 14, 4 ways publishers are engaging audiences during COVID-19, and more

When life gives you Apples

This week has been yet another stark reminder to publishers that when it comes to platforms, they put their own and the user’s interests well above that of the publishing ecosystem.

Apple’s upcoming operating system, iOS 14 (which is still in beta) will redirect News+ subscribers to the Apple News app by default if they click on a story from a publisher enrolled in Apple News+. In short, a user who clicks on what looks like a publisher link in search – one that appears to go to the website – ends up opening the story in the Apple News app instead.

Not only does this bypass any ad revenue the publisher would make on their own site, but it makes those readers invisible to most web analytics tools. This will do nothing to serve those publishers looking to become more reliant on their own first-party data, or those wanting to build their own subscription relationship with readers. 

This is a bold move to grow a desperately struggling product, but it should set alarm bells ringing for any publisher looking to build an audience with News or News+. Apple is now not just encouraging readers to consume news on their own platform. They’re actively hijacking the user journey to boost their own numbers.



What publishers can learn from BuzzFeed’s efforts to deepen engagement and multiply eCommerce revenues

BuzzFeed readers will now be able to buy the products recommended in its reviews and listicles within the website itself, the way they do from other eCommerce websites like Amazon. “Creating our own e-commerce platform gives us the opportunity to own the entire user journey and create an even deeper, more direct relationship with our readers,” their Senior VP of Commerce said.


4 ways publishers are engaging audiences during COVID-19

By harnessing new products and services, as well as pivoting old ones to meet COVID realities, content creators are using a number of different techniques to pique the interest of audiences.


Apple News+ to intercept publisher traffic, with iOS 14 update

Apple’s upcoming operating system, iOS 14 (which is still in beta) will redirect News+ subscribers to the Apple News app by default if they click on a story from a publisher enrolled in Apple News+.


3 in 4 publishers have responded to the pandemic with new content products, “from brand-building to securing a lucrative new revenue stream”

These include new e-newsletters, podcasts, peer groups, and other digital resources that would be useful to their readers during the pandemic.


Is the COVID magazine subscription bump a short-term trend or a long-term bet?

As the world adjusts to life after lockdown, publishers will be looking at which areas of the business to focus on. Is a pivot back to magazine subscriptions a wise idea?


Market uptake for TCF 2.0 strong, but the jury is still out on Google’s involvement

WNIP has rounded up opinions from a range of figures both from the publisher and advertising sides to gauge wider industry reaction.


How publishers can amplify ad revenues with AMP

The goal of AMP is to make the user experience as engaging, fast, and friction free as possible, so naturally it can be used to build ads that are as responsive and fast as the pages they are loading on.


6 potential solutions to ease the COVID-19 news media crisis

The media in crisis is a constant; it was simply amplified by COVID-19. But it’s still taken a toll.

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How publishers are monetising the 95% of readers that won’t subscribe

Research finds that only about 5% of a publisher’s digital audience will pay for a full subscription, so how can publishers monetize the other 95%?

Building a newsroom dedicated to diversity: An Indian story

At Khabar Lahariya, women from remote villages of north India are trained to be professional journalists and produce local news in their languages.

Lessons from award-winning podcasts: Olive Magazine’s Janine Ratcliffe

We asked Janine Ratcliffe, Food Director and podcast host, to share some of her insights into what has made the Olive podcast so successful.

Using content to drive sales: Ecommerce and the power of intent

There’s a bit of a challenge when it comes to using in-feed content to drive direct purchases. Namely, user intent.

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