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Independent Publisher Alliance launches in UK, Subscription Economy grows by 435%, and more…

Independent Publisher Alliance launches in UK.

Larger UK publishers and media groups have long benefitted from strategic alliances—the Ozone Project being a perfect example. 

Not so for smaller and mid-tier publishers, who typically don’t have the resources or bandwidth to join together to further their interests. That’s set to change with this week’s launch of the Independent Publisher Alliance.

The Alliance is the brainchild of three senior industry execs who view it as an opportunity for independent publishers to “take back control” and aims to offer guidance and forums around major issues, including advertising, reader revenue, events, ecommerce, and regulation.

Independent publishers who are interested in learning more can register their interest here.



The Subscription Economy has grown over 435% in 9 years (and the uptick is expected to continue)

The survey reveals growing consumer preferences for use of subscription services over the ownership of physical products. It has been accelerated by lockdowns and other safety measures connected to the pandemic.


Join the Independent Publisher Alliance!

Newly launched, The Independent Publisher Alliance has been founded to give mid-size UK publishers a larger voice and to use its collective strength to educate, collaborate and support each other.


“A vital handrail for us all to guide our priorities”: How AI powers editorial decision-making at The Globe and Mail

How do you take a 175-year-old newsroom and successfully launch it into the digital era?


Audio chatrooms like Clubhouse have become the hot new media by tapping into the age-old appeal of the human voice

The social media service is tapping into the creativity, intimacy and authenticity that audio can deliver, a trend that lies at the heart of the current golden age of podcasting.


Google’s massive algo update in 2 months: Publishers concerned about WordPress’ “Gutenberg bloat”

WordPress doesn’t seem aware of what publishers need in terms of better user experience. And the WordPress development community appears to have no plans for giving publishers what they need. 


Digital giants paying for content is good news, but will it support local publishers?

Digital advertising spend is continuously increasing, but about 40% goes to Google, with Facebook in second place at about 22% and closing the gap.


Twitter takes a page from the news media’s digital transformation playbook

The company said it would double its revenue by end-2023 and introduce a “Super Follow” function that would allow Twitter users to set up a subscription offering for extra (premium) content. 


Facebook, here’s your chance to level the playing field

Facebook’s efforts to support large publishers are largely wasted. It’s time to change direction and support digital-first media startups who need it more.


The Reader of 2020 vs the Reader of 2021: PPA Deep Dive

How have your subscribers changed over the last year… the year that “shook the subscriptions world”?

Digital transformation: Why newsrooms transformed into editorial action centres

The advent of internet, digital publishing and social media created a new online playing field that offered two options: keep up or lose. Lose your audience, that is.

TIME: At 98, still transforming and giving birth to a new vertical: TIME Business

“I think you’re seeing a resurgence of legacy; the power of legacy media; the value of legacy media, because we have 100 years of trust that nobody can replicate.”

Traditional news readers are better informed: The case against news on social media

Traditional news organizations, while they do tend to have some political leanings, are still the best sources for comprehensive and accurate reporting.

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