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Facebook commits $300 million to local publishing, what a recession would mean for publishing, and more…

A decade on from the recession, can we weather another one?

For those employed in journalism and media, 2009’s recession was a bloodbath. And with plenty of instability still in the industry, what would happen if we entered another recession, which some analysts think is just a short way off?

In our feature this week, Simon Owens makes the case that media businesses are actually much better prepared to weather tough conditions than they were a decade ago. It’s not that the industry has solved all its structural problems, with the fight for advertising revenue only growing as the duopoly dominates.

But many publishers have emphasised diversification, generating revenue from multiple sources including ad tech, ecommerce, events and subscriptions. A recession will certainly hurt some of these businesses, but diversified business models will ensure that they’re much better equipped to weather an economic storm.


50 ideas for making media pay: a definitive guide (Part three)

In this third segment we examine opportunities around events and eCommerce. 

What’s new this week

Will the next recession be a bloodbath for publishers?
If the market is this unstable during economic boom times, what happens when we enter a recession, an eventuality that some think will occur as early as this year?
“Shift to local”: Facebook commits $300 million to support local news publishers
“We are going to continue our work with head publishers. We’re not backing away from that, but it is a shift to local and an emphasis on local that is new for us.”
WordPress announces Newspack for local newsrooms
Project Newspack will look to develop an advanced open-source publishing and revenue-generating platform for news organizations. 
Content resurfacing: A powerful growth strategy for publishers
The common goal of growth editors is driving audience growth and deepening reader engagement. However, there may be some difference in their strategies across various organizations.
Podcast: The role of product in publishing
Laura Jenner, Product Director at Immediate Media talks about why the relationship between product and editorial is so important.
Subscriptions make sense. But how many will consumers pay for?
igital publishers will need to navigate the real risk of subscription fatigue. How much are consumers willing (and able) to pay for?
It’s nearly 2020 and print publishing still matters
58% of subscribers still describe themselves as primarily print-oriented, and 60-80% of publisher revenues are still generated from print.
3 ways blockchain technology can benefit news publishers
Blockchain’s advocates hold that it is a revolutionary technology. But how much of this holds water and how much is just hype?
Shhh! Google releases its own 2019 SEO guide to getting found on the Internet
Over 200 changes are made to these websites every single day, all of which could potentially affect a site’s SEO. 
6 Lessons for publishers in early 2019
As we begin the new year in earnest, we look back at six of the top lessons from Nieman Lab’s annual list of journalism predictions.
Publishers focus on subscriptions as they diversify revenue
According to Reuters Institute’s Digital News Report: Journalism, Media, and Technology Trends and Predictions 2019, subscription and membership offerings are a priority this year.