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The Guardian has more than 1 million recurring supporters: The Media Roundup

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Axios Scoop: The Guardian has more than 1 million recurring supporters

I’m finding it tough to get SCOOP-level excited about subscriber numbers these days, but Axios reporting that the Guardian now has 1 million regular paying customers is definitely a good news story. Just three years ago it had just over half that.

According to Axios, more than 1 million people now pay to subscribe to the Guardian’s apps or make a recurring financial contribution. Readers can contribute from £3 a month or take a digital subscription at £5.99 a month or £99 pounds annually. About half of the 1 million people who pay for The Guardian are from outside the UK, over 220,000 in North America.

In total, over 1.6 million people pay for Guardian content. That includes the 1 million people who pay recurring amounts for digital content, over 100,000 print subscribers, and about 500,000 people who give one-off donations. Pretty impressive for a publisher without a paywall.

As platforms roll out paid podcast infrastructure, audio subscriptions become a reality

Paid podcast subscriptions add another layer of complexity to an already cluttered landscape. But with the platforms resolved to simplify the experience, the promise of subscriber revenue from audio is now very real. Esther rounds up the key Audio moments of the year as part of our Media Moments 2021 report.

Future plc wants to be carbon-neutral by 2026

Future is rarely out the media news these days, from stellar earnings to positioning itself as a trusted brand against misinformation. The company’s latest announcement sets ambitious environmental and social justice goals. As well as aiming to be carbon-neutral in the next five years, it has also pledged to “amplify and promote issues” related to environmental protection and social justice.

Free copies of the Daily Bugle in New York

A pop-up newsstand on Manhattan’s Upper East Side has been giving away copies of the Daily Bugle to promote the latest Spiderman movie, No Way Home. The fictional paper includes a real-life tip line to report Spidey sightings, just in case any New Yorkers spot the web slinger making his way cross town and can help bring the ‘Spider Menace’ to justice.

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