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That’s an awful lot of Mar/AdTech, publishers

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We see first-hand how the Mar/AdTech (MADtech) landscape continues to proliferate at a voracious pace. What’s more? Evidence will always be a greater factor than eminence. Industry Index customers use our technographics platform to measure many things – technology usage, ads.txt accuracy, instances of data leakage, and competitive intelligence, to name a few. 

But – did you know that we collect a lot more data today than we’re able to display for every customer?  Let’s dig into some big-data benchmarking on technology proliferation across the top 75,000 US-based publishers (by Quantcast ranking). 

We see within this publishing subset, more than half (63%) have between 51–150 different technologies installed directly on their sites, including ExchangesSSPsNative Advertising platforms, Yield Management tools, Header Bidding Adapters… That’s a lot of tech.

In fact, only 2% (≈1,500 out of the 75K) had fewer than six direct technology installs each. Everyone else? Stuffed with tech. 


We then dived into additional, piggybacking technologies that are called by these first-party installed technologies.

Data leakage hawks won’t like this – 55% of our publisher sample set had an additional 51-150 piggybacking technologies on site.  


Adding up the numbers here, we know that more than half of the top 75K publisher sites in the United States have between 51-150 first-party installs, and those installs are allowing third-party calls on an additional 51-150 technologies, with whom the publisher may or may not have an awareness of, let alone an authorized/direct relationship with.

That’s potentially an awful lot of data leakage from piggybackers.

Does anyone want to do the math when you factor in the possibility that there are at least a few bad actors in there? 

Jonathan Shaevitz, President, Industry Index  @jshaevitz

Republished courtesy of Industry Index, who tracks the MarTech & AdTech ecosystem with monitoring and insights tools for data leakage, tech usage, and publisher ad ops.