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Spectator launches new US website which is ‘neutral’ on Trump

The Spectator has launched a new website aimed at readers in the US which it says offers a “genuine opportunity” to reach into America.

The website will produce new content from American writers covering politics, culture and life in the US, and offer the best articles from the UK Spectator on world affairs.

Freddy Gray, USA editor and deputy editor of The Spectator, told Press Gazette: “I’m terrifically excited. I think there is a genuine opportunity for us to reach into America.

“The idea is it’s a US site which will do not just US content but also present the British Spectator to a US audience.”

The Spectator USA will be run from the magazine’s London office and has been introduced online-only as a soft launch, but Gray said the team will “ramp it up” as the year goes on.

First published on 6 July 1828, the UK Spectator magazine has generally been supportive of the Conservative Party, and is often seen as a step on the ladder to high political office in the UK – past editors include current Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and former cabinet members Iain MacleodIan Gilmour, and Nigel Lawson.

However, for the new US website, the title promises to remain politically unbiased and will ‘not to be crazily for or crazily against the Donald‘.

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