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Seven significant advertising topics to watch for in 2018

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With 2018 having only just arrived, now might be the perfect time for your brand to start thinking about the topics that could be poised to leave your advertising team scratching their heads in the coming months. The faster you prepare for these new trends, the quicker you’ll make your mark in the industry.

1. The Value Of Voice Optimization Rises

In 2016, around 20% of all online searches were made through voice search. Statistics predict that by 2020, that number will increase by another 50%. Just as marketers have begun to optimize content for mobile and the web, they will begin to optimize for voice search in their content, too. This will mean replacing some of your shorter keywords with natural language and long-tail phrases.

2. Instagram Will Outperform Facebook

For a while now, many people have considered Facebook to be the ultimate platform for social media advertising. However, Instagram — its visual cousin — has been growing with incredible speed. In 2017, around 800 million people were using the platform every month. Since brands might be able to achieve better engagement through Instagram, this social media solution could become the go-to channel for those who want more customer-connected advertising.

3. Live Events Are On The Rise

Around two-thirds of all advertising experts in the market today say they will be increasing the number of live events they invest in during 2018. This is because marketers are recognizing live events as one of the most effective channels for brand engagement and awareness. Many of the world’s most successful ventures, including Google, Salesforce and Airbnb already host their own annual events.

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