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Reddit is trying to tighten its relationship with publishers

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After nearly a decade of indifference, Reddit is cozying up to publishers. Over the past year, a media partnerships team of four has ramped up efforts to bind publisher content and Reddit users closer together.

It has rolled out new features, including profile pages and native video hosting. It has also stepped up efforts to work with publishers on content-focused initiatives both on and off Reddit’s platform, including its editorial collaboration with Time magazine.

Alexandra Riccomini, Reddit’s first director of business development and media partnerships, told Digiday, “I’d love to see our continued march toward becoming one of those platforms that’s top of mind for publishers.”

Riccomini’s earliest moves were designed to smooth previously fractious relations between Reddit’s users and publishers. Tools were launched in May 2016 to encourage publishers to source and credit Reddit users in their pieces. In February 2017 came an integration with CrowdTangle, which let publishers monitor how their content was being shared inside Reddit.

As 2018 rolls on, Reddit also plans to do more original content with publishers such as original video, applying the playbook it used on the Time and WBUR collaborations, Riccomini said. Reddit will also add more content programming to the platform that publishers can participate in regularly.

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