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Publishing in a Pandemic: Innovating in a time of crisis

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Stories of the people and publishers innovating in a time of crisis

The media industry has had a turbulent decade when it comes to technology, transformation, and changing consumer habits causing disruption to businesses. But for many of us, these challenges seem trivial compared to what we are now all up against with the coronavirus crisis.

Publishers and media organisations of all shapes and sizes have had events and shows that they depend on for their revenue cancelled, advertising spend plummeting as the travel industry hits major issues, and print runs reduced as commuters stay home.

But the crisis has also provided a unique opportunity for publishers to build trust with their audiences and provide them with the vital information they need to keep themselves and their families safe. Not only that, over the coming weeks, the public appetite for quality content will continue to grow as isolation takes effect.

In this special live episode from the Media Voices team, Chris, Peter and Esther overcome technological challenges of their own to take a look at examples of publishers who are adapting to the pandemic, and what these changes will mean for the industry in the years to come. 

Stories we discussed:

1 – Paywalls

2 – Launches

3 – Distribution and print

4 – Digital events, real issues

Finally, that embargoed piece Chris almost accidentally talked about…Playboy launches ‘Playboy Live’ as it adapts to life after print (we told you it was good!)

We’ll be back on May 4th with another brilliant guest and more of our signature media analysis. Until then, stay safe, and stay home.

Republished with kind permission of Media Voices, a weekly look at all the news and views from across the media world.