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Publishers harnessing pop-up newsletters to good effect

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Quartz’s Davos Daily Brief is the latest example of a publisher testing pop-up newsletters with no little  amount of success. The temporary newsletter had a 44 per cent open rate and the organisation is planning more pop-up email briefings throughout the year.

Each pop-up newsletter follows a similar structure, although the format of the coverage varies to match the ethos of each event. For events where activities are more visual, such as new technologies being demonstrated or creative work presented, gifs and Instagram stories have been used to better paint a picture of the atmosphere.

“The broad structure of the email remains the same across the events: what happened yesterday, what to look forward to today, here are some numbers that will help you sound smarter at a cocktail party, and then here’s the overheard gossip and killer quotes,” explained Karaian.

For some events, briefings a few days before and after the main conference are also being sent out, although for Davos this approach was swapped in favour of a takeover of the essay section in two weekend editions of the Daily Brief.

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