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Publisher data grows at a double-digit rate globally

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready..., one of the largest data warehouses in the world and part of the Cloud Technologies Group, has launched its 2nd edition report covering the global data market size. It includes trends, estimates, and forecasts for 23 countries worldwide for a three-year period (2017-2019).

The study includes updated data (the first report was released in January 2018) and reveals that the UK data market will reach £1.5 B ($1.9 B) this year, representing almost 60% of the entire European data market. The UK data market is the second largest market in the world, behind the US ($12.3 B in 2018).

Globally, the data market size in 2018 was estimated at $20.6 B and it is expected to reach $26.0B next year (+26.6% YoY).

Despite the introduction of GDPR, and its accompanying ramifications, the global data market is still growing rapidly. Data spend increases have been underpinned by significant investments in programmatic advertising, as well as in the growth of data-driven companies and the development of marketing automation software.

“Data about customers is a fuel for programmatic campaigns. It allow marketers to design better products and deliver their clients personalised messages. The digital display advertising market will reach $120.8 B globally this year, while the programmatic market will hit $75 B, which is a growth of almost 26% YoY. Both display and programmatic markets are the petrol that drives the data market and the demand for high-quality data is growing rapidly in almost all countries we analysed,” commented Maciej Sawa, Chief Executive Officer at

In the “Global Data Market Size 2017-2019” report, analysed 23 markets. The company used its own data, independent reports (e.g., IAB or eMarketers studies) and applied its own statistical model.

The full report can be downloaded here.