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Podcast advertising commands the highest levels of attention: The Media Roundup

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Podcast advertising commands the highest levels of attention

A new study commissioned by the Guardian has found that podcast advertising raises positive perceptions of brands and encourages listeners to take buying action. Boom!

The UK-wide study looked at the effectiveness of podcast ads and found they command the highest levels of attention of any media channel. The research showed that 65% of listeners paid attention to podcast adverts, way more than TV or radio adverts which both fell under 40%.

The study also highlighted podcast advertising’s multiplier effect on other ad formats and ability to reach younger more diverse audiences. So obviously as the producer of a sponsored podcast series and champions of the publisher podcast scene we’re totally biased, but maybe this is the call to action everyone needs to book some podcast advertising.

Why exhibitions are not media

The CEO of one of the UK’s biggest trade show groups has listed all the reasons he no longer believes exhibitions are part of the world of media. Writing for Exhibition News, Phil Soar talks about higher barriers to entry, the absence of CPMs and super engaged buyers and suppliers. His bottom line is exhibitions are not the 3D magazines so many event companies and publishers came to believe. For him they existed long before print, radio, television and even YouTube, and may yet outlive them all.

Publisher of iconic LGBTQI women’s magazine DIVA on print, community and creating a legacy

This is a wonderful interview with Linda Riley, publisher of DIVA. It traces her start with the title in the early 90s through the changes made up to and following its relaunch last year. There’s so much in here about the publisher role, community, inclusivity, podcasts, platforms and print. You really should read it!

The Times gained 1,000 new digital subscribers a day during first two weeks of the Ukraine war

Seeing one of its highest ever digital subscription growth rates, The Times signed up an average of 1,000 new digital subscribers every day over the first two weeks of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. No one wants this war, but these numbers are just another confirmation that news publishers do a crucial job in times of crisis.

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