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Podcast ad spend up 32%, beating the overall market growth by almost two-thirds: The Media Roundup

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Introducing the winners of 2023’s Publisher Podcast Awards

We’re really excited to reveal the winners of our fourth Publisher Podcast Awards, following last night’s ceremony at Proud Cabaret City in London.

From over 200 entries and an exceptionally strong shortlist of 120 podcasts, our judges marked the podcasts on a range of factors, including production quality, how well the podcast reflected the publisher’s brand, and strategies to grow the audience.

If you’re looking for your next great listen, this list is an excellent place to start!

While we’re talking about Awards, did you know our very first Publisher Newsletter Awards closes for entries next Friday 5th May? Oh, and it’s free to enter! Find out more here.

Podcast ad spend outpaced overall market growth by almost two-thirds last year

UK podcast investment was up 32% year-on-year in 2022, according to the latest annual IAB Digital Ad Spend report, beating the overall UK digital ad industry’s growth of 11%. While podcasts remained one of the most resilient ad categories last year, the sector’s ad spend growth was 29% lower than it was the year before due to economic challenges, but the report still proves that there is resilience in the UK digital ad industry.

The Creator Economy “middle class” does exist

One of the popular ‘Creator economy’ narratives is that it only rewards an infinitesimally small number of “winners,” leaving the rest of us fighting over meagre scraps. Here, Simon Owens looks at why that actually isn’t the case and how low barriers to entry actually make it more feasible than ever for people to break into media.

Practical AI – Lessons from local media

Our special Practical AI podcast documentary explores how local media organisations have got started with AI projects, the benefits they’re seeing, the challenges they’ve faced and what advice they would give to other publishers looking to get into AI.

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